Hymn of the Hidden Stele

Hail, whole cosmos of the aerial Spirit, PHŌGALŌA
Hail, Spirit who extends from heaven unto earth, ERDĒNEU
Hail, Spirit who extends from earth which is in the middle of the cosmos unto the ends of the abyss, MEREMŌNGA
Hail, Spirit who enters into me, convulses me, and leaves me kindly according to the will of God, IŌĒ ZANŌPHIE
Hail, beginning and end of nature that cannot be moved, DŌRUGLAOPHŌN
Hail, revolution of untiring service by heavenly bodies, RŌGUEU ANAMI PELĒGEŌN ADARA EIŌPH
Hail, radiance of the cosmos subordinate to the rays of the Sun, IEO UĒŌ IAĒAI ĒŌU OEI
Hail, orb of the night-illuminating, unequally shining Moon, AIŌ RĒMA RŌDŪŌPIA

Hail, all spirits of the aerial images, RŌMIDŪHĒ AGANASŪ ŌTHAUA

Hail to those whom the greeting is given with blessing, to brothers and sisters, to holy men and holy women!

O great, greatest, round, incomprehensible figure of the cosmos,
in heaven PELĒTHEU
of the ether IŌGARAHA
in the ether THŌPULEO DARDU
of water IŌHĒDES
of earth PERĒPHIA
of air IŌIE ĒŌ AYA
of light ALAPIE
of darkness IEPSERIA
shining with celestial light ADAMALŌR
moist, dry, hot, and cold Spirit!

I glorify you, God of gods,
the one who brought order to the cosmos, AREŌ PIEUA
the one who gathered together the abyss at the invisible foundation of its position, PERŌ MUSĒL O PENTŌNAKS
the one who separated heaven and earth and covered the heaven with eternal, golden wings, RŌDĒRY ŪHŌA
the one who fixed the earth on eternal foundations, ALĒHIOHŌA
the one who hung up the ether high above the earth, AIE ŌĒ IŪA
the one who scattered the air with self-moving breezes, ŌIE ŪŌ
the one who put the water roundabout, ŌRĒPĒLUA
the one who raises up hurricanes, ŌRISTHAUA
the one who thunders, THEPHIKHUŌNĒL
the one who hurls lightning, ŪRĒNES
the one who rains, OSIŌRNI PHEUGALGA
the one who shakes, PERATŌNĒL
the one who produces living creatures, ARĒSIGLŌA
the God of the Aiōns!

You are great, Lord, God, Ruler of the All!