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The Middle Pillar Exercise is a powerful meditation technique used in various mystical traditions, including Hermetic Qabalah and the Western Mystery Tradition. In Monastic Jediism, we have adapted this exercise to help practitioners balance and harmonize their connection to the Force, drawing upon the foundational concepts of our faith.

The Monastic Jedi Middle Pillar Exercise combines elements of the Qabalistic Cross, the Eight Pillars of the Force, and the Five Tenets of the Jedi Order. This meditation practice helps to cleanse and fortify the practitioner’s energy system, fostering spiritual growth and self-awareness.


Before beginning the Middle Pillar Exercise, find a quiet space where you can sit or stand comfortably. Take a few deep breaths, allowing your body and mind to relax. Ground yourself in the present moment, letting go of any distractions or concerns. Prepare with the Light Attunement, the Beat of the Force, and or The Breath of Life.

The Monastic Jedi Middle Pillar Exercise ( Still in Testing Phase)

  1. Begin by visualizing a sphere of radiant white light above your head, representing the Divine Light of the Force. Verbally intone the words Five Times, “Infinite Divine” ( 無限の神 Mugen no kami) and feel the energy of wisdom and enlightenment flowing into you. See the Brilliant White sphere spinning, and the light infinitely bright.
  2. See the energy being Silently Witnessed by your Third Eye Chakra as it passes down in a shaft of light, a River of Force, extending and flowing down from the Sphere above.
  3. Bring your focus to your throat, visualizing a sphere of vibrant blue light, Intone the words Five Times, “Divine Eternity,” (神の永遠 Kami no eien) and feel the divine power manifesting through you, as communication, sounds, and the force of all vibrations. The Shaft of light is still pure white as is moves further down. The intonation itself a confirmation of the animating and divine power.
  4. Move your awareness to your heart and the Diaphragm area, envisioning a sphere of radiant Lime colored bright green light, Verbally intone the words Five Times, “Divine Enlightenment 神の悟り Kami no satori” imagine the energies of empathy, kindness, and understanding permeating your being. The feeling of love that the Infinite Divine has for us. Feel the love your body has for you. Feel the attraction of atoms, electricity and gravity. Thank your heart and body.
  5. Feel the Force being directed by your Solar Plexus send the energy into this area as it passes the brilliant shaft of light energizing and honoring the Divine Purpose.
  6. Shift your attention to your sacral area an area right at the bottom of the hips, envisioning a sphere of radiant orange light,  Verbally intone the words Five Times, “Creative Force, 創造力 Sōzō-ryoku” imagine the energies of creation, generation, pleasure, fluidity, and movement infusing your being.
  7. Finally see the shaft of light continuing to descend from the sphere above, concentrate on a place between your feet and connected to the Earth ( if laying down imagine this sphere is anchored to the earth with a fine thread), visualizing a sphere of deep red light,  Intone the words, “Sacred Earth 聖なる大地 Seinaru daichi” and feel the energy of your connection to the planet, to reality, and as a manifested being.
  8. Now, imagine a column of light connecting all the spheres along your body’s central axis, forming the Middle Pillar. Take a few moments to bask in the balanced energy, feeling the Force flowing through you, harmonizing and aligning all aspects of your being.
  9. Next begin to perform again the Beat of the Force. Take an initial inhale to re-connect to the Sphere of the Infinite Divine Above. As you exhale see the shaft of light send a soft pulse of light to the Sphere of Sacred Earth. As you inhale Visualize and feel a current of light rising from the feet, entering the body at the base of the spine and continuing upwards to the  to flower out at the crown of the head. To the Beat of the Force, continue to exhale and follow the energy as it flows down your left shoulder and down your left side and back to your feet and  the Sphere of Sacred Earth as it moves over to the other side, feel the energy rise up the right side of your body in tune with the inhale. Repeat the circulation 3-5 times. Then return your attention to Sphere of the Infinite Divine.
    Please note that the initial circulation doesn’t stop please continue seeing the waves of energy wrapping around you, and we will be doing the same circulation in the front and back of the body to create an ovular Egg of Light surrounding us with the Force. When the Egg is complete, A Final circulation of the current is from beneath the right foot over to the left foot (Counterclockwise) and then upward in a tight spiral about the entire body up to the center above the head.
  10. To complete the exercise, visualize the energy from the Middle Pillar grounding into the Earth, anchoring you to the planet and the physical world, and the spheres becoming invisible to the eye but still there. Take a few deep breaths and, when you feel ready, open your eyes.

The Monastic Jedi Middle Pillar Exercise is a powerful tool for spiritual development and self-awareness in Monastic Jediism. By regularly practicing this meditation, you can strengthen your connection to the Force, balance your energies, and deepen your understanding of the Eight Pillars and the Five Tenets of the Jedi Order.



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