The Ogdoatic Pillars of the Force - A Pantheon for Monastic Jediism

Infinite Aspects of the Force through the Ogdoad

The Eight Pillars of the Force

In My Monastic Practice I believe, the Force is a unifying energy that connects all living beings and permeates the universe. The Force manifests itself in many aspects. In this tradition we focus on the Aspects of Light, as we are beings that are alive, not dead, and therefore should be in the light while we are manifest. Darkness is for sleep. This should not be mistaken for weakness, there is great power in the Light.

Aspect of Serenity (安らぎの側面 - Yasuragi no Sokumen): The Force manifests as inner peace and calmness in the face of adversity. This aspect encourages Jedi practitioners to cultivate serenity in their lives and maintain balance in their emotions.

Aspect of Knowledge (知識の側面 - Chishiki no Sokumen): The Force embodies the pursuit of wisdom, understanding, and learning. Monastic Jediism encourages continuous growth and development in one's knowledge of the Force and the universe.

Aspect of Harmony (調和の側面 - Chōwa no Sokumen): The Force is the source of balance and unity within oneself and with the world. This aspect emphasizes the interconnectedness of all things and the importance of living in harmony with the Force and others.

Aspect of Compassion (慈悲の側面 - Jihi no Sokumen): The Force represents empathy, kindness, and understanding towards others. Monastic Jediism teaches that compassion is central to the Jedi way and a powerful force for good in the universe.

Aspect of Discipline (規律の側面 - Kiritsu no Sokumen): The Force demands self-discipline, mastery, and commitment to one's path. Monastic Jediism encourages Jedi practitioners to refine their skills, maintain focus, and persevere in their spiritual journey.

Aspect of Service (奉仕の側面 - Hōshi no Sokumen): The Force promotes selflessness and dedication to the greater good. Monastic Jediism teaches that service to others is an essential aspect of the Jedi path and fosters a strong sense of responsibility towards the well-being of all beings.

Aspect of Intuition (直感の側面 - Chokkan no Sokumen): The Force provides guidance and wisdom through intuition and inner guidance. This aspect emphasizes the importance of listening to the wisdom of the Force and being receptive to its guidance in all aspects of life.

Aspect of Courage (勇気の側面 - Yūki no Sokumen): The Force instills bravery, determination, and moral fortitude in the face of challenges. Monastic Jediism teaches that courage is vital to confront the darkness within oneself and in the world, standing up for what is right and just.