These words correspond to the different energy centers and aspects of the Force being activated and balanced during the various practices.
By intoning these words, practitioners can strengthen their connection to the Force, balance their energies, and deepen their understanding of the Eight Pillars and the Five Tenets of the Jedi Order.

Beat of the Force Chant:

  • Knowledge – 知識 (Chishiki) – Know
  • Serenity – 安らぎ (Yasuragi) – Calm
  • Compassion – 愛情 (Aijō) – Love
  • Harmony – 調和 (Chōwa) – Peace
  • Discipline – 自制 (Jisei) – Will
  • Intuition – 直感 (Chokkan) – Sense
  • Courage – 勇気 (Yūki) – Brave
  • Service – 奉仕 (Hōshi) – Serve

Light Attunement Ritual:

  • Unto You – 貴方へ (Kataware)
  • Earthly Matter – 地上の物質 (Chijō no Busshitsu)
  • Divine Love – 神聖な愛 (Shinsei na Ai)
  • Heavenly Will – 天の意志 (Ten no Ishi)
  • I am the Force of Light, with the Light – 光のフォースであります、光とともに (Hikari no Fōsu de arimasu, Hikari to tomoni)

Cleansing of the Temple Space:

  • East: Divine Wind – 神の風 (Kami no Kaze)
  • South: Sacred Fire – 聖火 (Seika)
  • West: Eternal Water – 永遠の水 (Eien no Mizu)
  • North: Earthly Foundation – 地の基盤 (Chi no Kiban)
  • Center: Force of Creation – 創造の力 (Sōzō no Chikara)

Monastic Jedi Middle Pillar Exercise for reference:

  • Infinite Divine – 無限の神 (Mugen no Kami)
  • Divine Eternity – 神の永遠 (Kami no Eien)
  • Divine Enlightenment – 神の悟り (Kami no Satori)
  • Creative Force – 創造力 (Sōzō-ryoku)
  • Sacred Earth – 聖なる大地 (Seinaru Daichi)


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