Jedi Monastic Middle Pillar/Light Attunement 2.93 (Deprecated)

Balancing the Force Within/Working in the Church of the Body

The Middle Pillar Exercise is a potent meditation technique used in various mystical traditions, such as Hermetic Qabalah and the Western Mystery Tradition. Within the scope of Monastic Jediism, this exercise has been adapted to serve practitioners in harmonizing and balancing their connection with the Force, while reflecting the essential principles of their faith.

The practice serves to cleanse and fortify the practitioner's energy system, fostering spiritual development and enhancing self-awareness.


Before initiating the Middle Pillar Exercise, find a quiet space where you can stand or sit comfortably. Draw several deep breaths, allowing your mind and body to relax. Ground yourself in the present moment, releasing any concerns or distractions. Prepare yourself with the Light Attunement, the Beat of the Force, or The Breath of Life.

The Monastic Jedi Middle Pillar Exercise

Begin by taking a few deep breaths, centering your focus on your body and the intention you have for this ritual.

Visualize a brilliant white light above your head. This light represents the divine source of all energy and the first sphere, Kether. As you connect with this energy, say the phrase:
Kether (Crown) - "Brahman Asmi" - I am the infinite ultimate reality.

Draw this white light down through the top of your head, focusing on the area at the base of your throat. This is the hidden sphere, Daath. As you connect with this energy, say:
Daath (Knowledge) - "Avabhoda Aikyata" - Realization of Unity.

Continue to draw the white light down to your heart center, the sphere of Tiphereth. As you connect with this energy, say:
Tiphereth (Beauty) - "Asherah Anugruha" - Asherah, Divine Grace.

Draw the white light down to your pelvic area, the sphere of Yesod. As you connect with this energy, say:
Yesod (Foundation) - "Chaitanya Muladhara" - Root Consciousness.

Lastly, draw the white light down through your legs and into the ground, establishing a connection with the sphere of Malkuth. As you connect with this energy, say:
Malkuth (Kingdom) - "Shekinah Presada" - Divine Presence of Shekinah.

Now, visualize this brilliant white light connecting all the spheres, coursing through your body, creating a pillar of energy that aligns and balances your entire being.

Spend some time in meditation on this energy and the feelings of harmony and balance it brings.

Next, perform the Beat of the Force once more. Take an initial inhale, re-connecting with the Sphere of the Infinite Divine Above. As you exhale, visualize a gentle pulse of light sent down the shaft to the Sphere of Malkuth. As you inhale, visualize and feel a current of light rising from your feet, entering your body at the base of the spine, and moving upwards to blossom out at the crown of your head.

To complete the exercise, visualize the energy from the Middle Pillar grounding into the Earth, anchoring you to the planet and the physical world, and the spheres becoming invisible to the eye but still there. Draw a few deep breaths and, when you feel ready, open your eyes.


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