Light Attunement Practice

Light Attunement Ritual with Intonations 1. Preparation: Find a quiet space. Sit or stand in a comfortable position. Take several deep breaths, grounding yourself. 2. Invocation: Begin by saying: “In the name of the Force, the boundless light of the universe, I seek alignment and purity.” 3. Crown Center (Sahasrara) – Principle of Mentalism: Intone: […]

Clearing of the Temple Space Meditation and Ritual

Introduction Welcome to the Monastic Jedi Practice: Clearing of the Temple Space Meditation and Ritual Clearing of the Temple Space ritual: Stand in the center of your space, facing East. Visualize the Aspect of Knowledge (Air) surrounding you, and say, “By the power of the Aspect of Knowledge, I cleanse and purify this space. May […]

Liber Librae – Jedi Monk Compatible Hermetic Text

Liber Librae sub figurâ XXX A∴A∴ Publication in Class B 0. Learn first— Oh thou who aspirest unto our ancient Order!— that Equilibrium is the basis of the Work. If thou thyself hast not a sure foundation, whereon wilt thou stand to direct the forces of Nature? 1. Know then, that as man is born […]

Hymn of the Hidden Stele

Hymn of the Hidden Stele Hail, whole cosmos of the aerial Spirit, PHŌGALŌA Hail, Spirit who extends from heaven unto earth, ERDĒNEU Hail, Spirit who extends from earth which is in the middle of the cosmos unto the ends of the abyss, MEREMŌNGA Hail, Spirit who enters into me, convulses me, and leaves me kindly according to the will of God, […]

Stele of Aiōn – ( Original )

Stele of Aiōn Immediately following the Hymn of the Hidden Stele in the Greek Magical Papyri, this prayer, taken from PGM IV.1167—1226, is untitled, but headed as a “stele that is useful for all things; it even delivers from death”, but with the warning “do not investigate what it in it” (“Στήλη πρὸς πάντα εὔχρηστος, ῥύεται καὶ […]