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Aligning Hermetic Principles with the Chakra System: A New Approach to Attunement The Flow of Energy: A Middle Pillar and More This method is characterized by its unique energy flow. Energy is guided downward in a sequence resembling the middle pillar in Kabbalistic practice. It then spirals back up, culminating in an expansive “energy egg” […]

Light Attunement Practice

Light Attunement Ritual with Intonations 1. Preparation: Find a quiet space. Sit or stand in a comfortable position. Take several deep breaths, grounding yourself. 2. Invocation: Begin by saying: “In the name of the Force, the boundless light of the universe, I seek alignment and purity.” 3. Crown Center (Sahasrara) – Principle of Mentalism: Intone: […]

Jedi LBRP / Clearing Temple Space Take 2

Introduction Welcome to the Monastic Jedi Practice: Clearing of the Temple Space Meditation and Ritual Clearing of the Temple Space ritual: Beginning: Start as you usually would, grounding and centering yourself in preparation for the ritual. Jedi Force Attune Level 1 Touching the forehead, say, “Through Knowledge, we gain Wisdom.” Touching the chest, say, “With […]

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Introduction These words correspond to the different energy centers and aspects of the Force being activated and balanced during the various practices. By intoning these words, practitioners can strengthen their connection to the Force, balance their energies, and deepen their understanding of the Eight Pillars and the Five Tenets of the Jedi Order. Beat of […]

Clearing of the Temple Space Meditation and Ritual

Introduction Welcome to the Monastic Jedi Practice: Clearing of the Temple Space Meditation and Ritual Clearing of the Temple Space ritual: Stand in the center of your space, facing East. Visualize the Aspect of Knowledge (Air) surrounding you, and say, “By the power of the Aspect of Knowledge, I cleanse and purify this space. May […]

Monastic Jedi – Aspects of the Force

In My Monastic Practice I believe, the Force is a unifying energy that connects all living beings and permeates the universe. The Force manifests itself in many aspects. In this tradition we focus on the Aspects of Light, as we are beings that are alive, not dead, and therefore should be in the light while […]

Beat of the Force – Breath Exercise 1

Introduction The Beat of the Force is a breathing practice tailored for Jedi Monks and members of the Church of the Body to cultivate inner balance, mental clarity, and a profound connection to the Force. This continuous breathing exercise uses a metronome to enhance our presence and awareness of the living universe that surrounds us. […]

Monastic Jedi Light Alignment- Daily Ritual – Prep Practice

Introduction Welcome to the Monastic Jedi Light Alignment, a powerful practice designed to harmonize and align your energy with the universal Force. As a Monastic Jedi, you are on a path of self-discovery, personal growth, and spiritual enlightenment. The Light Alignment is a vital tool in your journey, allowing you to connect with the Force […]

Jedi Monk Middle Pillar/Light Attunement Major

Introduction The Middle Pillar Exercise is a powerful meditation technique used in various mystical traditions, including Hermetic Qabalah and the Western Mystery Tradition. In Monastic Jediism, we have adapted this exercise to help practitioners balance and harmonize their connection to the Force, drawing upon the foundational concepts of our faith. The Monastic Jedi Middle Pillar […]